We Build Things

What sets us apart is our passion for advanced development to promote energy innovation. Our team of design engineers provides access to expert technical, design, operational and marketing know-how in the vertically-integrated, distributed-scale energy business that enable our clients to successfully execute innovative energy-related projects.

Energy Innovation

EENW can design the functionality you need or validate your design. We’re here to help you meet your goals. Our projects include design and analysis of the following:

Magnetic regenerative liquefier technology

We offer advanced, highly-efficient, micro-scale LH2 and LNG systems based on active magnetic regenerative liquefier technology.

High-efficiency advanced liquefiers and purification technology

Our extensive gas-processing experience for small-scale commercial LNG and Helium plants enables EENW to offer value-added technical solutions.

Cryogenic engineering and advanced cryocoolers

We analyze, design and manufacture new cryogenic products for clients.