EENW specializes in small to medium scale complex gas processing. We have over 20 years of experience processing raw landfill gas, stranded well gas, and coal mine gas. These gas sources pose serious challenges for the cookie-cutter solutions of the large scale gas processors. However, EENW can customize solutions for removing any type and concentration of gas impurities through efficient and proven processing solutions.

PFD Helium Purification

EENW builds efficient and capex-reducing solutions into every plant:

  • We strive to utilize all available thermal energy generated in the process
  • Impurities like sulfur, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or miscellanies hydrocarbons can be removed through a menu of our proven technologies
  • Conventional and proprietary solutions are available for liquefying the final product
  • Scalable solutions to fit small and large raw gas outputs
  • Modular solutions that can travel from well to well


Thermal Oxidation Heater

EENW leverages the latest automatization technology to reduce operating costs:

  • Remote operation of all critical functions
  • Skilled operators maintain focus on diagnosing, not surveying
  • Remote operation of multiple plants from one command center

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